Helpful Web sites

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Life Assurance Ministries & Proclamation! magazine (Joe's brother's study on the Sabbath is posted in the "Studies" section. Issues of Proclamation! magazine are also viewable here, and there is even a topical index to aid in locating articles on subjects relevant to Adventism).

Ex-Adventist Outreach (The "Audio" section on this Web site is excellent; we highly recommend Pastor Mark Martin's sermons).

Former Adventist Fellowship (The "Our Stories" section is great, as well as the audio and video talks in the "FAF Weekends" section).

Gently Broken: For Seventh-day Adventist Hearts Longing for More of Jesus (Cherry Brandstater launched this beautiful Web site January 2009. It features inspiring testimonies of SDAs who've left as well as extensive studies exploring the Adventist doctrines of the Investigative Judgment, the Sabbath, and the state of the dead).

LAM Publications (We particularly recommend the articles on this Web site, as well as many of the books in the online bookstore. See our book list in the "Recommended Materials" section of our menu, linked on the left).

Truth or Fables (This is a Web site founded by former-SDA Robert K. Sanders, which has many helpful resources).

Ellen White Exposed (This Web site, founded by Dirk Anderson, is the one that we began reading in early 2003 after receiving a letter from Joe's brother documenting some of the problems with Ellen White's prophetic ministry.  Interestingly, Dirk Anderson first started his Web site to defend Mrs. White. We especially recommend the personal testimonies of Chaplain David DePinho & Cherie Stark found on this site).

Non-SDA (This is another Website by former-SDA Dirk Anderson, who has authored a number of excellent books on Ellen White.  See his online book store for more details.  We particularly recommend The Fake Controversy and White Out).

Berean Mind blog by former-SDA Christopher A. Lee

Add+Subtract-Multiply*Divide/ Web site asks four questions to calculate whether Adventist doctrines equal non-Christian teachings.

One Flock Ministries (This is Pastor Greg Taylor's Web site, author of the wonderful book Discovering the New Covenant).

Sound the Trumpet (Web site by Hazel Holland, featuring her paintings and essays).

SourceFlix / formerly Living Hope Ministries (This is an amazing Christian ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel with Mormons and showing that Joseph Smith is a false prophet who taught unbiblical doctrines.  We have been abundantly blessed by their documentary films, some of which you can view free on their Web site).

The Voice of the Martyrs (Sadly, because of Adventist eschatology, many SDAs do no face up to the fact that thousands of "non-Adventist" Christians are being persecuted today.  Many Adventists are so concerned about supposed "Sunday laws" and the persecution Ellen White predicted for seventh-day Sabbath keepers that they have a hard time understanding that Christians are currently dying for Christ alonenot over a day of worship.  To order a free subscription of The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter, click here).