Law and Covenants


Whatever Happened to the Law of God? sermon by Joseph Rector  ~~~ New as of May 2015


The Law and the New Covenant: A Comparison of Ellen White and Scripture by Joseph Rector ~~~ New as of July 2015


The Commandments of God is an excerpt from Chapter 25 of Sabbath in Christ by Dale Ratzlaff, in which he addresses the SDA claim that it is the remnant church because it is the only denomination that attempts to "keep the commandments of God" (NASB) per Revelation 12:17 and Revelation 14:12.  Excerpt shared by author's permission.


SinaiThe Christless Covenant? is Chapter 7 from The Stonecutter's Bride by Samuel Pestes, which is shared here by permission.


We highly recommend this video on the Sabbath and Covenants by Chris White of Chris White Ministries.


The Old Covenant Compared to the New Covenant (off site, Note: Although we strongly disagree with some of the doctrines taught on the Tentmaker website, we do believe that this chart is an excellent resource.)


Getting Excited About Melchizedek is D. A. Carson's presentation at the 2011 Gospel Coalition National Conference.  About 45 minutes into this hour-long talk, Dr. Carson begins to explain the implications of Jesus' Melchizedekian priesthood as it relates to, and affects, the Mosaic Law.  See Hebrews, chapter 7especially verse 12.  (off site)