Reviews of SDA Publications

Reviews by Joseph Rector, unless otherwise noted.


Ellen White Under Fire: Identifying the Mistakes of Her Critics by Jud Lake


A Fork in the Road: Questions on Doctrine: The Historic Adventist Divide of 1957  by Herbert Edgar Douglass  


The Heartbeat of Adventism: The Great Controversy Theme in the Writings of Ellen White by Herbert Edgar Douglass 


In Granite or Ingrained?  (Chapter 4) by Skip MacCarty ~ reviewed by Christopher A. Lee


My Tortured Conscience  by Martin Weber


Never Without an Intercessor: The Good News About the Judgment  by Morris L. Venden


People Are Human  by Graeme Bradford


Prophets Are Human  by Graeme Bradford


Saviour of the World: The Humanity of Christ in the Light of the Everlasting Gospel  by Jack Sequeira


Without Fear or Favor: The Life of M.L. Andreasen by Virginia Steinweg


does it jibe with the bible is a short video that highlights the ways in which SDA children's literature distorts Scripture by relying heavily on the writings of Ellen G. White.