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"Who moved the Sabbath to Sunday?"  article by Rev. Ken Collins

The John Ankerberg Show interviews between the late Dr. Walter Martin (noted Christian apologist and author of Kingdom of the Cults) and Dr. William Johnsson (former editor of the Adventist Review)

"The Apostolic Imperative and the International Adventist Challenge" talk by Christian apologist Paul Carden

Gregg Chaddic Blog by former-Adventist pastor Gregg Chaddic

Berean Mind blog by former-Adventist Christopher A. Lee


Sabbath in Christ by former-SDA pastor Dale Ratzlaff

Truth Led Me Out by Dale Ratzlaff

The Fake Controversy by former-SDA Dirk Anderson

White Washed: Uncovering the Myths of Ellen G. White by former-SDA pastor Sydney Cleveland

The Case of D. M. Canright: Seventh-day Adventist Charges Examined by Norman F. Douty (out-of-print biography correcting SDA smears against Canright, the most high-profile early-Adventist defector--book can by obtained via inter-library loan)

The White Lie by former-Adventist pastor Walter T. Rea