Recommended Materials


Sabbath in Christ by former-SDA pastor and teacher Dale Ratzlaff

Truth About Adventist "Truth" by Dale Ratzlaff (We highly recommend this book to Christians as a concise and accurate resource on Adventist doctrine).

Truth Led Me Out by Dale Ratzlaff

The Fake Controversy by Dirk Anderson (Scroll down Dirk's online bookstore page to find this one. If you have ever read Ellen White's The Great Controversy, you need to read this book).

White Washed: Uncovering the Myths of Ellen G. White by former-SDA pastor Sydney Cleveland (The chapter titled "Karaite Jews and October 22, 1844" is great! The book is worth buying for that chapter alone).

The Case of D. M. Canright: Seventh-day Adventist Charges Examined by Norman F. Douty (This out-of-print biography of Canright from a major Christian publisher is sometimes available on Amazon. We recommend this book because the SDA Church has smeared Canright's name and this book tells the truth).

The White Lie by Walter T. Rea exposes the depth of plagiarism in Ellen White's supposedly inspired writings.  He dedicates his book "to all those who would rather believe a bitter truth than a sweet lie."

Sabbath, Circumcision, and Tithing: Which Old Testament Laws Apply to Christians? by Michael Morrison (The author is a leader in the Worldwide Church of God, which abandoned their Sabbath-keeping heritage in the 1990s.  Morrison is interviewed in the Called To Be Free film linked to in the video resources section below).

The Sabbath Complete: And the Ascendency of First-Day Worship by Terrence D. O'Hare is a substantial study of the Sabbath, endorsed by Dr. Craig Blomberg of Denver Seminary and Michael Morrison, author of the book recommended above. 

Articles, Blogs & Online Books

"Who moved the Sabbath to Sunday?"  article by Rev. Ken Collins

Berean Mind blog, by former-Adventist Christian Christopher A. Lee (We particularly recommend his multi-part study on the Covenants).

You Can Lead a Horse to Water blog, by former-Adventist Christian, Gregg Chaddic (Gregg is now pastor at the second campus of Grace Place Church, in Loveland, Colorado).

Sabbath, Circumcision, and Tithing  by Michael Morrison

The Christian Sabbath: Divine Rest in Jesus Christ by J. Michael Feazell (This booklet can be read online or you may order a free copy.  The author is a leader in the Worldwide Church of Godnow Grace Communion Internationaland is interviewed extensively in the Called To Be Free film linked to in the video resources section below).

Video Resources

All video resources listed below are viewable free online! 

"The Apostolic Imperative and the International Adventist Challenge" talk by Christian apologist Paul Carden (This is an excellent presentation on Adventism by a Christian leader in counter-cult ministries. We also recommend the 2-part Question & Answer session at the bottom of the linked page).

"The John Ankerberg Show" interviews between the late Dr. Walter Martin (noted Christian apologist and author of Kingdom of the Cults) and Dr. William Johnsson (SDA leader & editor of the Adventist Review)

Called To Be Free film by Living Hope Ministries (This fascinating documentary chronicles the doctrinal changes that the Worldwide Church of God made in the 1990s.  The WCoG is a "cousin" to Adventism as their roots also go back to the Advent movement of the 1800s.  Additionally, both denominations observe(d) the 7th-day Sabbath and follow(ed) someone claiming to be a last-day prophet. We highly recommend this film).

Lifting the Veil of Polygamy film by Living Hope Ministries (Although this moving documentary deals with Mormonism and Joseph Smith, there are many similarities to Adventism and we have been greatly blessed by the testimonies of the former-Mormon fundamentalists interviewed in this film).

Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith film by Good News for LDS (I recommend this documentary to Adventists because when we first discovered that our foundational beliefs were false, I [Jennifer] found great comfort in hearing the stories of former-Mormons on this film and the ones by Living Hope Ministries, in particular).

Testimony of Carolyn Macomber (Scroll down the linked page to view Carolyn's testimony titled "I Have Need of Nothing").


Proclamation! magazine by Life Assurance Ministries (Read free online!)

Adventist Currents (These old magazines from the 1980s contain many informative articles regarding Ellen White and SDA Church politics).