Ellen G. White, SDA Prophet


Pillars of Prophetic Validity:  29 Crucial Questions Based on the 5 Pillars by Joseph Rector


Perfection:  Salvation According to Whom? by Joseph Rector


The Visionary Basis of Seventh-day Adventist Doctrines by Joseph Rector ~~~ New as of August 29, 2015



Extreme EGW Quotes:  “Satan has taken full possession of the churches...."


Review of Prophets Are Human by Graeme Bradford


Biographical Sketch:  The Life of Ellen White by Joseph Rector


EGW and Bible Prophets:  Biblical Prophetic Model and the Ministry of EGW by Joseph Rector


Ellen White and Freemasonry:  Occult Symbols in Adventism  (off site ~ Scroll down the linked page to find the White's "The Way of Life" lithograph which features an occult "all-seeing eye."  On this webpage, just above the White's lithograph, you'll also find a downloadable file with many examples of EGW's frequent use of occult terminology.)


Title Abbreviations:  References to EGW's Writings


Test Your Biblical Knowledge:  Take a quiz designed to identify the source of your spiritual beliefs.


This short video highlights the ways in which SDA children's literature (based largely on the writings of Ellen G. White) subtly distorts the teachings of Scripture.  We highly recommend SDA parents/grandparents and teachers/pastors watch and consider this! 


Unfinished draft of Ellen White biography by Joseph Rector

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