SDA Doctrines


Q:  What do you think about the traditional doctrine of hell?  Could you love a God who would burn sinners forever?

A:  The answer to this question comes down to scripture.  Doctrines are not philosophical questions.  We must ask, what does the Bible teach? Then we submit to the authority of scripture.

When we were Adventists, the doctrine of annihilation was our "gospel"--possibly because we were afraid we might not make it to heaven. Now we're focused on the positive message of assurance.

With respect to hell, study the Bible.  What does it say?  Then accept what it says.

All truth about God is good news! This must be recognized a priori and must form the basis for any understanding of God's ultimate response to sin.  When we get to heaven and have a more complete understanding of the workings of God, including His dealings with the wicked, we would not change a thing.  His ways are perfect. 

At one time in our SDA experience, we actually stated that we would never consent to spend eternity with a God who tormented sinners in hell, but now we simply trust that His ways are perfect, and we look forward to His explanation of certain things that might trouble us now.  We will gladly spend eternity with Him no matter which side of the hellfire debate is correct.  He is worthy of our trust.