Testimony of Trista (Lawson) Price



Growing up, I was taught that being a Seventh-day Adventist was the ONLY way to heaven.  My mom and dad both believed it, my dad's parents believed it, and (of course) everyone in my church believed it.  So who was I to question?

When I was 12, my parents divorced and my dad was granted custody of my little brother and me.  That was when my dad got VERY involved in the churchI think more to keep him busy than anything else.  In December of 2003, Kevin (now my husband) and I started dating.  Then, during my Junior year of high school, my dad starting dating a woman whose father pastored a "Sunday Church."  Of course, everyone at our little SDA church made sure to point out to my dad that he and his girlfriend were "unequally yoked."  For reasons unrelated to that, the relationship between my dad and this woman didn't last.  However, while they were together, she gave him a video called From White to Light.  (If anyone finds this video, let me know.  I've been looking for it for years now!)


After watching From White to Light more than once, my dad finally decided to start visiting other churches.  The first (and last) one we visited was called Church of the Heartland.  As soon as we walked in the door we felt loved.  People welcomed us with open arms and the atmosphere was so uplifting and positive.  The music was wonderfully upbeat!  As we looked around during praise and worship, we saw people jumping, clapping, raising their hands, etc.  It was the most heartwarming thing I'd ever seen.  I was amazed at these people's love for worship.  I had never experienced that kind of thing before.  As an SDA, I had always felt a weight on my shoulders as I sang songs while staring at a hymnal.  There was absolutely no clapping, no foot tapping, and certainly no dancing or jumping!  Most weeks, I felt as if I was at a funeral, rather than church.  To this day, my favorite thing about being a non-denominational, charismatic Christian is the praise and worshipthe music.

Kevin and I got married at our new church in 2006, and we haven't even thought about leaving since!  It's been an amazing journey from SDA to truth and we have enjoyed every moment.  We were both baptized a few years ago and we're currently attending a Bible college that is based out of our church.  (Kevin's going to be a pastor!!!)  We also recently were appointed as the youth leaders at our church, and we LOVE it!  God has blessed us abundantly with a wonderful church family, a beautiful daughter, and much, much more.  We never get tired of hearing and teaching the truth about the Gospel and true salvation through Jesus Christ!




Trista (Lawson) Price, 2010