Honesty & Integrity ~ Pillar 1

“The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment” (Prov. 12:19).


The 10 Crucial Questions of Pillar 1

Crucial Question #1:  Are Ellen White's reports of her early experiences with fanaticism correct and honest?

Crucial Question #2:  Did Ellen White deny or misrepresent her use of sources in her writings?

Crucial Question #3:  Did Ellen White's literary assistants, such as Marian Davis, add words and ideas to Mrs. White's writings?

Crucial Question #4:  Is Ellen White's explanation of her use of sources adequate?

Crucial Question #5:  Was plagiarism, or "literary borrowing," considered legal and ethical during Ellen White's lifetime?

Crucial Question #6:  Are Ellen White's sources responsible for the extra-biblical details that give her writings a visionary quality?

Crucial Question #7:  Were William Foy’s visions from the same source as Ellen White’s, as she claims?

Crucial Question #8:  Is the miracle story about Father Pearson accurate?

Crucial Question #9:  Is Ellen White’s claim regarding Hazen Foss’s endorsement accurate?

Crucial Question #10:  Did Ellen White forbid the use of physicians, and did she falsely deny having given that advice?



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