“Letters have come to me from several, asking my advice upon the question, Should ministers’ wives adopt infant children?  Would I advise them to do this kind of work.  To some who were regarding this matter favorably, I answered, No; God would have you help your husband in his work.  The Lord has not given you children of your own; His wisdom is not to be questioned” (Ms 43a, 1898; in 5 MR 325).

“But the enemy would be pleased to have the women whom God could use to help hundreds, binding up their time and strength on one helpless little mortal, that requires constant care and attention” (Ms 43a, 1898; in 5 MR 326).

“There are those who have no inclination or fitness to help the struggling souls who are ignorant and poor [i.e. they are not fit to do the tasks divinely designated for ministers’ wives].  If these feel it their duty to take orphan children and care for them, they may do a good work.  But let the choice of children be first made from among those who have been left orphans by Sabbathkeeping parents” (Ms 43a, 1898; in 5 MR 327).