Civil War (U.S.)


“As this war was shown to me, it looked like the most singular and uncertain that has ever occurred” (1T 256).


“It seems impossible to have the war conducted successfully, for many in our own ranks are continually working to favor the South, and our armies have been repulsed and unmercifully slaughtered on account of the management of these proslavery men” (1T 256).


“God’s people must take warning and discern the signs of the times.  The signs of Christ’s coming are too plain to be doubted....  All heaven is astir.  The scenes of earth’s history are fast closing.  We are amid the perils of the last days” (1T 260).


“It looked to me like an impossibility now for slavery to be done away” (1T 266).




“As Jesus moved out of the Most Holy place, I heard the tinkling of the bells upon his garment, and as he left, a cloud of darkness covered the inhabitants of the earth.  There was then no mediator between guilty man, and an offended God.  While Jesus had been standing between God and guilty man, a restraint was upon the people; but when Jesus stepped out from between man and the Father, the restraint was removed, and Satan had the control of man.  It was impossible for the plagues to be poured out while Jesus officiated in the Sanctuary; but as his work there is finished, as his intercession closes, there is nothing to stay the wrath of God, and it breaks with fury upon the shelterless head of the guilty sinner, who has slighted salvation, and hated reproof” (1 SG 198).


“Already the plagues of God are beginning to be poured out.  Upon some parts of the world God is permitting the plagues to fall” (Ms 62, 1901; in 5 MR 17).


Misc Prophecies


“The mighty shaking has commenced and will go on, and all will be shaken out who are not willing to take a bold and unyielding stand for the truth and to sacrifice for God and His cause” (EW 50).


“Slavery will again be revived in the Southern States; for the spirit of slavery still lives” (MS 22a, 1895, in 2 MR 299).


“The trade unions will be the cause of the most terrible violence that has ever been seen among human beings” (Letter 99, 1904; in 4 MR 23).


“In India, China, Russia, and the cities of America, thousands of men and women are dying of starvation.  The monied men, because they have the power, control the market.  They purchase at low rates all they can obtain, and then sell at greatly increased prices.  This means starvation to the poorer classes, and will result in a civil war.  There will be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation” (Ms 114, 1899; in 5 MR 305, 306).


“I was shown the company present at the Conference [in 1856].  Said the angel: ‘Some food for worms, some subjects of the seven last plagues, some will be alive and remain upon the earth to be translated at the coming of Jesus’” (1T 131-132).


Testimony Number 11 Retracted


“What appeared in Testimony No. 11 concerning the Health Institute [regarding blessings for investors in a church Health Institute that ended up failing] should not have been given until I was able to write out all I had seen in regard to it.  I intended to say nothing upon the subject in No. 11, and sent all the manuscript that I designed for that Testimony . . . to the office at Battle Creek, stating that I wished them to hasten out that little work, as it was much needed, and as soon as possible I would write No. 12, in which I designed to speak freely and fully concerning the Institute.  The brethren at Battle Creek who were especially interested in the Institute knew I had seen that our people should contribute of their means to establish such an institution.  They therefore wrote to me that the influence of my testimony in regard to the Institution was needed immediately to move the brethren upon the subject, and that the publication of No. 11 would be delayed till I could write” (1T 563).


“My health was poor, and my mental sufferings were beyond description.  Under these circumstances I yielded my judgment to that of others and wrote what appeared in No. 11 in regard to the Health Institute, being unable then to give all I had seen.  In this I did wrong.  I must be allowed to know my own duty better than others can know it for me, especially concerning matters which God has revealed to me” (1T 563).