“God will have a people separate and distinct from the world.  And as soon as any have a desire to imitate the fashions of the world, that they do not immediately subdue, just so soon God ceases to acknowledge them as His children” (1T 137).

“I was shown that the people of God should not imitate the fashions of the world.  Some have done this, and are fast losing the peculiar, holy character which should distinguish them as God’s people....  In these last days, fashions are shameful and immodest.... “ (1T 188-189).

Our faith, if carried out, will lead us to be so plain in dress, and zealous for good works, that we shall be marked as peculiar” (1T 275; MYP 353).

“The time that you spend standing before the glass, to prepare the hair, to please the eye, should be devoted to prayer and searching the heart.  There will be no place for outward adorning in the sanctified heart” (2 SG 262, 263).