Millerite Movement (1844)

“I saw that God was in the proclamation of the time in 1843.  It was his design to arouse the people, and bring them to a testing point where they should decide” (1 SG 133).

“I saw the people of God, joyful in expectation, looking for their Lord.  But God designed to prove them.  His hand covered a mistake in the reckoning of the prophetic periods.  Those who were looking for their Lord did not discover it, and the most learned men who opposed the time also failed to see the mistake.  God designed that his people should meet with a disappointment” (1 SG 137).

“And those who have scoffed and mocked at the idea of the saints’ going up, will be visited with the plagues of God, and will realize that it is not a small thing to trifle with him” (1 SG 154).

“I saw that the nominal churches, as the Jews crucified Jesus, had crucified these messages, and therefore they have no knowledge of the move made in heaven, or of the way into the Most Holy, and they cannot be benefitted by the intercession of Jesus there.  Like the Jews, who offered their useless sacrifices, they offer up their useless prayers to the apartment which Jesus has left, and Satan, pleased with the deception of the professed followers of Christ, fastens them in his snare, and assumes a religious character, and leads the minds of these professed Christians to himself, and works with his power, his signs and lying wonders” (1 SG 171-172).

“Satan has taken full possession of the churches as a body” (1 SG 189). 

[The "churches" she references here are all non-SDA denominations].